Biography detailed

Born July 26, 1948 in Prague, Czech Republic, (formerly Czechoslovakia) Luboš Andršt began his career as a blues guitarist in 1968, leading his first trio called Blues Company Ltd.  In 1970 he joined Michal Prokop´s Framus Five band and debuted in a studio session where the group produced it‘s critically acclaimed “Město ER” (“The City of ER”) LP for Supraphon. Undoubtedly, it helped jumpstart Luboš´s career and served to open the door to joining Martin Kratochvíl´s jazz-rock oriented Jazz Q the following year. In 1973 Andršt formed the fusion band Energit. With it’s progressive sound and instrumental achievements, their self-titled debut album (released in 1975 and consisting purely of the guitarist’s original works) was very well received by both critics and audiences alike, reaching an incredible total of 49,770 albums sold. This exceedingly popular band had performed nearly 200 shows by 1980.  During the 1977-78 season Luboš also toured with Martin Kratochvíl´s Jazz Q again, and also performed as part of an acoustic duo with renowned jazz pianist Emil Viklický from 1978 -80.

    1980 saw Andršt join Jiří Stivín & Co. – a modern and free-jazz group led by the admired saxophonist and flutist of European style . Returning to his roots later that same year, the guitar legend formed The Luboš Andršt Blues Band inviting Slovak singer Peter Lipa to join. In the meantime, Andršt was also hard at work on another original LP called “Capricornus”, on which he combined electronic sounds and acoustic instruments with some assistance from violonist Jan Hrubý. This album, which was rather unconventional at that time, was released in 1981 to widespread critical acclaim.

    The original version of the Luboš Andršt Blues Band toured extensively until 1987, performing more than 400 gigs, and recording 2 very successful LP´s. When the group and Peter Lipa decided to part ways,  Andršt’s Blues Band continued on an occasional basis, most often as accompaniment led by Luboš for such foreign guests as Polish bluesman Tadeusz Nalepa in 1988, and the British singer/harmonica player Paul Jones in 1989, to name a few.

    From 1987-88 Luboš performed with Michal Prokop´s new incarnation of Framus as well as another Prokop project entitled  “Prokop, Andršt, Hrubý – Unplugged”, while simultaneously fronting his own fusion quintet Krátké spojení (“Short Circuit”) and directing it‘s significant work on the Plus-Minus-Blues album.

    Following the collapse of the totalitarian regime in 1989, in what was then called Czechoslovakia, a great impact was left on the country´s cultural structure, reopening doors for artists who had been politically persecuted by the communist government for several decades.

     Among such artists was the famous pop singer Marta Kubišová,  who had been restricted from performing since the early 1970´s.  In 1990, she requested Luboš’ assistance in both forming and leading a band for her. Their musical association resulted in more than 60 concerts and led to the production of the CD “Někdy si zpívám” (“Sometimes I am Singing”) 2 years later. Remarkably, despite his busy schedule with Kubišová, Andršt was able make time for a collaboration with  American blues singer Katie Webster, whom he accompanied in 1990 at the Karlovy Vary Jazz Festival.

    In 1992 Luboš began to perform more frequently with his blues band, having featured several different singers throughout the last 12 years: Bobby Houda, Ignatz Netzer, Rony Gray, Tonya Graves and Ramblin´ Rex - who´s vocals can be found  on the group´s most recent CD, “Blues Time”. Today, the Luboš Andršt blues band performs regularly with American vocalist Reesie Davis.

    Shortly after recording the acoustic CD “Imprints”, Andršt began showcasing his jazz quartet, the Luboš Andršt Group (originally called Acoustic Set) and was again performing with Jiří Stivín during 1995-96. In 1999, Luboš entered the Fontana Studio alone and, using overdubbs, produced his acoustic solo album “Man With a Guitar”. During 2002-03 he toured and recorded with the veteran GK Brothers Blues Band, performing on all tracks of their CD “Together”.

    In 1998 Blues Legend B. B. King  invited Luboš to be his personal guest and join him for a jam session during King’s sold-out concert in Prague largest concert venue, the Congress Palace. Though originally planned  as a 5 minute interlude, it quickly turned into a brilliant 30 minute musical exchange. In the backstage interview given to Mladý svět magazine immediately following the show B.B. said: “(Luboš) was a great surprise for me. Not because of his authentic blues feeling, which I clearly recognized just after he played a couple of bars, but because of the way he was creatively developing his musical ideas, which on the other hand inspired myself to react by answering with some of mines. That´s how I imagine a duo! It must be a mutual dialogue between both musicians. I had a very pleasant experience. And if he feels comfortable in the company of my Lucille, I hope, we´ll find an opportunity someday to continue this meaningful conversation”. It was more than politeness that moved B. B. King to express such an opinion: Both guitarists met again in July 2000 during B.B.´s concert in Zlín/Southern Moravia, where they played together once more, thrilling audiences with their mutual creativity and improvisation.

    Since 2003 Andršt also participates with a freeform project, in which three guitarists of varying styles are seekingto unite their efforts. In this all-star alliance Luboš represents jazz, Lubomír Brabec the classical music, and Petr Janda, (leader of the band Olympic since 1963) the rock elements.